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Nursing is regarded as science of care to sick and injured, Nursing is dedication of service to the poor those who need it and the services are being provided to individual, family and community irrespective of their status. The professional graduate nurse is one who trained in regular accredited institutions with prescribed courses covering standard syllabus spread over a period of 4 year after higher secondary or plus two leading to a degree conferred by a university.

VISHWABHARATHI SCHOOL OF NURSING was established in 2003 followed by SRI SHARADA NURSING COLLEGE established in the year of 2005 with the aim to provide standard nursing education and clinical training to those offering nursing. Sri Sharada Nursing college also established PBBSC Nursing and M.Sc Nursing courses in the academic year 2010-11 with a aim to enhance leadership among nursing students.

  • Mr.J.Venkatrama Reddy

Education is the soul of the society as it passes from one generation to another and it can be acquired through simple and humble attitude with great respect to teachers. Nothing more simple than greatness, indeed, to be simple is great.

College is equipped with qualified and competant teachers, good physical infrastructure, library and most importantly student get opportunity for clinical learning in parent hospital.

  • Mrs.Usha Reddy

The global world has thrown up many opportunities as well as challenges. One of the most formidable challenges for the youngsters in the challenge of career planning.

Photo charge The career oriented students continue to look for the courses and qualifications needed to broaden their knowledge and skills. We at the Sri Sharada College of Nursing and Vishwabharathi School of Nursing are focused with professional approach and offer the students the right courses and skills so that they can achieve their career goals to excel in any competitive environment. We are confident that the students at this institution will not only be qualified in respective courses of their studies but will also develop confidence in their capabilities. Chairman being a medical person understands the depth and quality of Medical & Nursing Education and renders quality clinical education in parent hospital.